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Fumofumo-san Kero-nyo in the rain - Size M / Deep Green

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Fumofumo-san Kero-nyo in the rain - Size M / Deep Green

Availability: Discontinued by manufacturer.


Fumofumo-san Kero-nyo in the rain - Size M / Deep Green

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When it becomes rain they likes, Kero-nyo fellows starts sing a song at once. There Kero-nyo, here Kero-nyo, every Kero-nyos begins a delightful recital. Blow out dark mood, let's have a fun with Kero-nyo.
On the top of the lotus leaves, someone's dancing under Kero-nyo's song. Who this is? You will meet in the next time. Yellow Kero-nyo, top of singer within Kero-nyo fellows will sing a song at a loud. Let's Sing in the rain!
Size M - Height Approx. 20cm
*This item is the deep green colored frog like plush in the picture.

What is Fumofumo-san?

Fumofumo-san is a UMA which is living on a cloud in the sky. They are gentle and like fluffy things. They always make a group to do something. Usually, a cloud is gliding in the sky slowly, but it becomes serious, it's very fast in moving. Most of their ecology is unknown. Many types of fumofumo-san has been founded. Why there are so many types in their kinds is also a mystery. Typical theory is that they are appeared by influence of a regional condition. This is why they appear only in a specific region.

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SKU FRF-0068
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Size M

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