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Bean Stalk Hakira slightly apple flavor tablet (45 pcs.)Bean Stalk Hakira slightly apple flavor tablet (45 pcs.)

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Bean Stalk Hakira slightly apple flavor tablet (45 pcs.)Bean Stalk Hakira slightly apple flavor tablet (45 pcs.)

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Name Bean Stalk
Hakira 【slightly apple flavor】 tablet
Contents 45g(45 grains)
Features ★To cherish the tooth

◆When the back teeth have grown from 1-year-old half

◆Also oral care during pregnancy.

◎Mutans control Oval gen blended
◎Sugarless(Xylitol blended)

◆Mutans control !!
After meal; After brushing teeth; before go to bed

◆Hakira is food that blended Ovalgen DC(Egg yolk powder)

■Cherish the tooth in parent and child.

◎Mutans is one of the caries bacteria, is said child and settle down in the mouth by infection from the adult in time of 1 years 7 months around from around 2 years 7 months.

◎At this time, to prevent the infection of mutans is important. For baby, dad and mom should remove the mutans in the mouth. Let's try since children's back teeth began to grow.

◎It is said that in the mouth during pregnancy, has environment prone to gum disease and tooth decay.
How to
have it
◎Please have it in licking biting a guideline 1-3 grain at a time as a snack, such as after a meal.
◎Among the children is not yet familiar, please raise it after dividing small(Please modify the amount depending on the growth)

*If you attempt to eat a large amount at one time, stomach become slow by constitution。
*Its shape is prevent from choking trachea when accidently swallowed.
*It is sugarless type for both adults and children easy to eat.
Ingredients Maltitol、Egg yolk powder、Isomaltooligosaccharide、Sweetener(Xylitol)、Crystalline cellulose、Calcium stearate、flavoring

※In this product line, also produced milk containing product.
※This product using raw materials contain egg.
Nutritional facts [Amount per 1bag(45g)]
Calories 96kcal
Protein 0.7g
Lipid 0.2g
Carbohydrate 44g
Sodium 4mg

Preservation method Please avoid the storage in direct sunlight, hot, or humid place.Please eat as soon as possible after opening.
Classification Mouth refreshing candy
Note ●Don't give to child until back teeth grows. In addition, in order to prevent choking, always stay near, please keep an eye on absolutely to finish eating.

●Because it is easy to absorb moisture, save it tightly closed zipper after opening, please have it as soon as possible.

●You may seen particulate things in tablet, it is part of the raw materials, please be assured.

●Desiccant are not included.

Please carefully read the note and described method to use this product.
Seller Bean Stalk Snow Co.,Ltd
6-1-1 Naebo-cho, Higashi-ku, Sapporo
Customer Service
13 Honshio-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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